Yesterday we ran you through the specs, but today it’s time to see the powerhouse smartphones in action.  In our superphone Colosseum these two gladiators are ready to fight to death.  Which one gets the Imperial ‘Thumbs Down?’ Hit the play button to see for yourself.

Our 6 rounds cover:

  • Specs
  • Apps
  • Screen
  • Speed
  • OS
  • Browser

To see the fight in action, watch the video, but for those internet generation short attention span folks, the results break down as follows:

Specs: Atrix 4G:  This wasn’t too big of a surprise considering there is a nine month difference between the release of the two devices.

Apps: iPhone 4: When it comes to apps, Apple is still king, but the difference between the App Store and Android Market is getting smaller by the day.  In a few months, the tide may shift to Android.

Screen: iPhone 4:  Despite the smaller size, the iPhone 4 stole this round for is image quality, text sharpness, and outdoor visibility.  Evidently size really doesn’t matter.

Speed: A draw on this one, which was a bit surprising giving the huge spec difference.    This round is attributed to Apple’s vertical integration, and controlling the software and hardware for end user optimization.  Don’t get us wrong though, the Atrix is still the fastest Android handset on the market.

OS: Atrix 4G: iOS is growing a bit stale in its fourth year of release.  Where is the unlock screen info?  Why are notifications always in the way?  It’s time for Apple to up the game a bit.

Browser: Atrix 4G: The Atrix took this round for having the best implementation of mobile Flash we’ve seen.  The gig of RAM and Tegra 2 are really seen in full effect here, delivering a fluid and most importantly usable experience.  With Android, the user gets a choice to use Flash, without sacrificing all the multitouch fun we’ve come to expect.

Winner: Atrix 4G

Motorola really brought the heat with the Atrix, and the device represents a paradigm switch for mobile devices, and what they can do.  It’s been beaten to death but from a raw power perspective, it rivals the speed of laptops only a few years ago.  Once the software can optimize the hardware, the Atrix will live up to its true potential.

The video goes into much more detail on each round, but what do you think?  Would your results have been different?

Disclaimer:  In the interest of not making this video a 4 hour epic, we had to limit the categories.