This afternoon at an event in NYC, Motorola announced the MotoActv. Motorola is touting the MotoActv as "The Ultimate Fitness Device."

Working much like Nike+, the device plays music and keeps track of how far you run as well as how many calories you've burned in the process. The device runs on Android, and has a built-in GPS and is capable of tracking running, walking, and cycling activities. Unlike some of the competition out there, the MotoActv is built to be durable for working out, and is outdoor readable, sweat-proof, rain resistant, and scratch proof.

Much like Nike+, there is also now a where you can track your workouts, create goals, get a detailed analysis of your workouts, and challenge your friends.  You can also use the site to brag about your latest run on Facebook and Twitter.

Motorola is also releasing two Bluetooth headsets with the device, one that is capable of tracking your pulse while you wear it.

The MotoActv will be available starting November 6 in an 8GB version for $249, and a 16GB version for $299 at as well as a number of other outlets.

[Image via Engadget]