Motorola’s new Moto 360 is pretty nice and the upcoming Sport model is cool too, but neither option is particularly affordable. The second-generation smartwatch is actually more expensive that the original model, though it turns out the company may have considered making a cheaper wearable as well.

New concept images shared by Motorola designer Imaan Naeem on her personal blog reveal plans for a “value tier” device. The images were deleted from the site soon afterwards, likely at the company’s request. However, a handful of screenshots show us what Motorola might have had planned for a budget-friendly smartwatch.

The design is pretty simple, but it still looks nice. There’s a round display with a slightly thicker bezel, and the device features charging contacts instead of a wireless solution. There’s also a spring-loaded bar for attaching a cheap weaved nylon band, though you can remove the bar to install your own bands too.

The entire watch definitely looks a little bulky compared to the flagship alternative, but it’s not ugly either. If Motorola did release this cheaper Moto “value tier” we’d probably consider picking one up, which may actually explain why the company decided to stick with a more expensive model instead.