Motorcyclist and general daredevil Guy Martin recently broke the Wall of Death speed record on a motorcycle. What’s the Wall of Death? Who the heck does such a thing? We’re glad you asked.

The Wall of Death is basically a really, really compact wooden circle that Martin decided to ride around on a motorcycle as fast as possible. In the teaser trailer, above, which was shown before his attempt, you can see that he’s basically riding almost completely parallel to the ground… and doing so as fast as possible. He was able to achieve the speed record, cruising up to 78.15mph live on Channel 4 last night. That speed pushed about 5.2G of forces onto Mr. Martin.

What a crazy feat, and certainly one I didn’t even know people tried to achieve. The trailer alone, which we’ve included above, is enough to make us nauseous. Check out the full record-breaking clip below.