Lenovo and Motorola are expected to announce two Moto Z-branded smartphones during Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco on June 9. That includes the Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style, both of which are expected to support new modular components that provide additional functionality to each smartphone. It sounds rather similar to the LG G5 “Friends,” but it appears to work a bit differently.

Evleaks recently published the above image which shows the new MotoMod components that will apparently work with the Moto Z devices. There appears to be one with camera controls and, possibly, even a Xenon flash attached. The other two modules are a little hard to make out, one appears to have a kickstand and may provide additional battery, at least taking the thickness into consideration. I have no idea what the last one is supposed to offer.

Each of the components may attach to some sort of new smart port that’s on the back of each smartphone. This port has been pictured in earlier releases. While neat, the price of these MotoMods will ultimately make or break them.