So it appears that Motorola will be very busy in 2018. The week started out with the Moto E5 leaking, and shortly after the Moto X5 followed. Here we are now getting to see the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play. Both phones will represent Motorola’s flagship series in the year ahead. And, unlike last year, they probably won’t get lost in the crowd. Based on what we’re seeing in this latest leak, Motorola seems to be serious about reclaiming relevancy in the mobile industry.

The images, which were sent to Droid Life by an unverified source, reveal that the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play will both ship with displays having 18:9 aspect ratio. Motorola will thin the top and bottom bezels, and the fingerprint scanners will get relocated to the back in return.

Here’s the alleged Moto Z3, the phone that should end up as Motorola’s 2018 flagship:

Aside from having an all-screen front with thin top and bottom bezels, the Moto Z3 will have curved edges. The display spills over into the sides similar to Samsung’s Infinity Display technology on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. Both phones are also said to have 6-inch Full HD+ (2160×1080) displays that consume most of the front’s real estate.

You should expect to see Motorola launch an accessory enabling a 5G connection, too. That’s exactly the Moto Mod we’re seeing on the alleged Moto Z3 in this leak. The company’s expressed interest in the next-gen network technology before, and U.S. carriers could have it ready in 2018. Interestingly, though, the app showing a group plan on the Moto Z3 is identical to what Project Fi looks like. It’s unlikely that Project Fi latches onto T-Mobile or Sprint’s 5G network from the get-go, so this is probably nothing more than a placeholder.

Motorola will once again use the Play-branded version as a more affordable way for consumers to get into the world of Moto Mods. The Moto Z3 Play shown in this leak has the magnetic strip on its rear for the custom accessories to connect to. Among them would be the 5G-enabling Moto Mod mentioned before on the Moto Z3. All of the Moto Mods released for the Moto Z3 will also work on the Moto Z3 Play.

Something else to notice about these two phones is the lack of on-screen navigation buttons. The standard layout for any Android device is missing, though it’s been replaced by a mysterious white/gray-colored bar. Some suspect Motorola might have in-display fingerprint scanners ready to go, or it could just be a gesture-based setup similar to Apple’s iPhone X.

The Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play might not be alone, either. There’s a rumor going around that a third member of the family will debut in late 2018, and that aligns with a leaked roadmap from last month. Motorola should be introducing a cutting-edge version with upgraded specs just as the year comes to an end.

A launch event at MWC 2018 next month is likely; however, the Moto Z3 and its sibling would probably arrive at a later time. The trade show in Barcelona is a better place for the new Moto G, Moto E, and Moto X to be announced.