Motorola’s latest flagship smartphone is the Moto Z2 Force. We got a chance to check it out and really enjoyed it. The only thing we didn’t test out was its durability, but luckily JerryRigEverything is back with his own comprehensive durability test of it. His testing yielded some surprising results, most notably how rigid the design is and how fragile the plastic shatterproof display is.

Starting his testing JerryRigEverything tested out the front display Motorola is marketing as shatterproof. To make a shatterproof display, Motorola has to use plastic instead of the normal glass other phones use. It indeed won’t shatter, but that doesn’t say so much for scratching. Using a Mohs pick scale, the Z2 Force’s plastic display scratches noticeably at a level three. For context, nearly every other major smartphone goes up to a level six. JerryRigEverything even tries scratching the display with his nail and succeeds.

There is some good news for the display. Motorola offers a four-year warranty in case your Moto Z2 Force display ever does break. Good of them to offer a sweet perk.

The fingerprint scanner also scratches easily, but it continues to work regardless of the damage. Motorola disappointingly places the front-facing camera with the same plastic display, which means it can and will easily scratch if you’re not careful. You’re probably best off installing a protector on the display right away to avoid any accidental damage.

Moving on to the metal body, Motorola claims it is using the same 7000-series aluminum used in the iPhones, and it tests great. It’s strong, durable and metallic. Scratching with a razor shows the scratches, but that’s just like any other aluminum body. The volume and home buttons are also made of metal, giving them more resistance. On the back is the dual camera that is luckily covered in glass, giving it more durability when placed down on surfaces. That’s especially important given it has a big camera bump making it the first point of contact.

The Moto Z2 Force proves its mettle with the bend test, passing with flying colors. There is some give with the display slightly rising, but the frame is rigid keeps the body straight as an arrow after the test.

Overall, aside from the easily scratchable display, the Moto Z2 Force is quite durable. If you want to see JerryRigEverything’s full array of tests, check out the video down below.