We have good news for all the people with a Moto Z2 Force who are experiencing peeling on their screens. Motorola just announced that Moto Z2 Force owners seeing the plastic layer on top of the phone’s display peeling off aren’t on the hook to get a replacement.

The company reached out to TechnoBuffalo, and Motorola spokesperson said the issue is limited to a “small number” of units. Normally replacing the protective lens liner would set customers back $50; however, the company will waive the fee since the damage is unintentional. Affected customers just need to get in touch with the customer support team and the process should be handled quickly.

Here’s the full statement Motorola sent:

“Like all Motorola phones, the Moto Z2 Force edition goes through extensive accelerated life testing to help ensure it will stand up to the rigors of everyday life as part of its qualification for shipment. A small number of customers have reported the protective lens liner peeling on their Moto Z2 Force edition. Our standard policy for replacing the protective lens liner due to cosmetic damage is to offer a Liner Replacement Service for a nominal fee of $49.99. We believe these incidents are contained to a minimal quantity and will waive the fee for the affected consumers.”

While Motorola hasn’t said a manufacturing defect caused the problem, that’s what it likely is. There’s no obvious way for the plastic layer to peel so early on.