Shattering isn’t a problem, but the display on the Moto Z2 Force doesn’t stay in pristine condition for very long. When it was announced, the ShatterShield technology was touted as being unbreakable. It turns out, however, that the display collects scratches easily. Multiple owners of the phone have reported their displays showing severe signs of wear and tear just weeks and months after purchasing the Moto Z2 Force.

Now we’re finding out Motorola’s ShatterShield technology used on the 2017 flagship also peels easily. There’s a plastic layer at the top which has been lifting at the edges for some owners.

Motorola’s customers have taken to Twitter, Reddit, and other forums to voice their concerns. Pictures have been posted online, and it’s actually pretty serious peeling going on. No one seems to be exaggerating when they say the plastic is peeling off in visible fashion.

The peeling occurs near the edges, and close to the fingerprint scanner and front-facing camera seem to be popular starting points.

Those affected by this have had limited success getting their units replaced. Motorola hasn’t commented publicly, though TechnoBuffalo reached out for comment and will update you if anything comes in. All we recommend at this time is getting in touch with Motorola’s support to see if they’ll issue a replacement unit because clearly peeling displays are not normal.