With Lenovo pushing out a new pair of Moto Z smartphones you might assume the Moto X brand is pretty much dead. Not so, claims the company, though it wouldn’t confirm plans to launch any new Moto X devices in the future either

In a statement to Android Police, a Motorola representative offered a somewhat vague explanation for the company’s future product lineup:

Moto X is alive and well. In fact, Moto X Force recently launched in multiple new markets around the world. Moto X and Moto Z do share some great qualities, but they ultimately provide different experiences and make our portfolio more robust for consumers looking for the perfect smartphone to fit their needs. Tech-hungry consumers who are looking to get a brand new set of experiences from their smartphone will turn to Moto Z and Moto Mods.

So it sounds like the Moto X could continue on in its current capacity for, but it doesn’t exactly sound like Lenovo/Motorola plans to release a new version of the phone. The company is clearly pinning its hopes on the Moto Z and MotoMods. Then again, it’s possible the Moto X could end up filling the gap between the budget-friendly Moto G and the Moto Z, offering solid specs and a competitive price without any modular extras.