Lenovo’s approach to the concept of modularity is one of the best we’ve seen, and with the arrival of the Hasselblad mod, consumers have even more reason to get onboard with the company’s idea. Perfect timing, too, because Lenovo on Wednesday revealed the Moto Z and Moto Z Play, the latter of which was announced at IFA, will be available unlocked this October. Good-bye, Verizon exclusivity.

Consumers will be able to order the Moto Z as early as Sept. 15, although shipments aren’t expected to go out until October. Start saving now, though, because the device is going for $699—a pretty penny for a device that’s up against major competition. The Z will operate on GSM carriers.

Lenovo said the Moto Z Play will also be available unlocked in October after a brief exclusivity deal with Verizon. Once it goes on sale outside of Verizon, customers can pick it up for $449; you can read up on what the Moto Z Play offers in our hands-on post.

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