Lenovo’s expected to offer its take on modularity with the upcoming Moto Z and the smartphone’s rumored Moto Mod attachments. We’ve already seen a few alleged options that add cool new features, but a fresh leak reveals that some Moto Mods could focus on looks over utility.

The new images were obtained by hellomotoHK, who has generally been a reliable source for Motorola leaks. They show a variety of “Style Mod” attachments, making it possible to quickly switch between different back plate designs, including leather, wood and ballistic nylon. The Moto Z is also expected to support Moto Mods that feature a powerful Hasselblad camera, JBL speakers and a projector.

Lenovo’s new phone will likely pack plenty of flagship specs right out of the box, too. The Moto Z could actually come in two distinct variants; the Moto Z Style may offer a super-slim 5.2mm frame and a 5.5-inch Quad HD display while the Moto Z Play is expected to pack a chunkier design and a significantly larger battery.

Both Moto Z models are set to make their debut at the Lenovo Tech World conference on Thursday, June 9. We’ll be attending the show live in San Francisco, so stay tuned for all our coverage of the Moto Z and whatever else the company announces later this week.