Motorola sells phones for everyone no matter their budget, and last year the company brought back the Moto X series for those wanting a decent unlocked phone without spending a ton of money. Now there’s reason to believe it’ll stick around in 2018.

Droid Life obtained a promotional image allegedly showing the Moto X5 along with some features. There aren’t too many specifics, but the visual alone tells us how Motorola could plan on positioning the Moto X5 in a very competitive market. The phone will look a lot like its predecessor, and it’ll still be the go-to for consumers who don’t like being chained down by carriers. Its design, however, should be pretty different up front.

Here’s the leaked image:

Take a look at the display. If you didn’t notice already, there appears to be an iPhone X-like notch at the top with the display wrapping around the sides. Motorola seems to have placed the notification bar on the left and right sides while two front-facing cameras remain in a traditional location.

Also, there’s even a white/gray-colored bar integrated into the software that resembles the action bar on iOS for the iPhone X. On-screen navigation buttons, which have been on Android for quite a long time now, have seemingly been replaced by this unfamiliar bar. Motorola didn’t bother putting the fingerprint scanner on the front, either. Like the Moto E5 that leaked earlier this week, the Moto X5 will likely have its fingerprint scanner merged with the company logo on the back.

Around the back, the Moto X5 resembles the Moto X4. It’ll have an aluminum body covered in glass except on the frame. Motorola also plans on keeping the dual-camera setup with dual-LED flash.

One more thing worth noting is the “Moto XP’s” mention. All that’s added is “Moto’s Smart Ai,” indicating the company might have a digital assistant of its own in the pipeline. There hasn’t been a single rumor relating to that, but remember Motorola was the first company to implement an always-listening feature almost five years ago when Google was running the show. It’d just be a little strange for Motorola to offer an in-house digital assistant when Amazon’s Alexa has been so prevalent in its lineup for the last two years.

The only other spec revealed by the source is the display’s Full HD+ (2160×1080) resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio.

Be on the lookout for Motorola to launch the Moto X5 and E5 at MWC 2018 in late February. The company hasn’t confirmed its intent to announce anything at the trade show, but last year there was a strong presence with several phones and accessories going official.