Moto X Wood Back - VS - Green Black-Back

Motorola already revealed we'd see a Moto X follow up later this summer. And while we can't really say what to expect in terms of specs and design, EvLeaks may have unveiled what the device might be called—at least in internal circles.

According to an image posted by EvLeaks over the weekend, the possible follow up might be called the Moto X+1—this is kind of getting into HTC naming territory. An image is provided to further give the claim weight, although all it is is a logo. Supposedly the device is coming soon, too; when we hear soon, we tend to think in the next month or two, not the end of summer like Motorola said, so we're not quite sure what to expect.

If EvLeaks is indeed speaking about an improved Moto X, then we're definitely intrigued. Motorola's Moto X is still, in my opinion, one of the better handsets money can buy, especially off contract, though it's getting harder to recommend with devices such as the HTC One (M8), Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 around. There's a chance that EvLeaks could be referencing something else entirely, so let's not get our hopes up too high just yet.

Still, the Moto X+1 (I hope that's not the final name) could address some of the biggest complaints people had about the original handset (weak specs, screen size and screen resolution).

If Moto Maker is still involved, and the camera is improved, and specs are bumped up, Motorola will most definitely have a hit on its hands. It'll just be a matter of going up against the marketing might of a handset like the S5, which is set to hit the market April 11.