Moto X Wood Back - VS - Green Black-Top

The natural progression of Motorola's terrific Moto X won't just focus on internal improvements. When the handset receives a successor later this summer, Motorola will ensure Moto Maker—one the most unique services among big handset makers—continues to be a prominent force behind the device's success. A new rumors suggests we won't just see the usual focus of earthy tones and classy wood backs, but an injection of premium leather, too.

A simple tweet from @evleaks claims Motorola will introduce black, red, grey and blue leather options when the Moto X +1 launches—that's 25 different backplate options in total. When you consider you can also stipulate the front and accent colors, consumers will have even more possible color combinations. Manufacturers have been pretty good about diversifying their colors palettes, but none come close to Moto Maker, giving customers the opportunity to own a relatively unique phone to match their style.

Unfortunately, we still don't know the precise timing of a potential Moto X follow up. The timeframe was narrowed significantly when Motorola said to expect something by the end of summer, but we still have no date to circle on our calendar. It's nice to see that Moto Maker will survive the transition to Motorola's new owner—now we just need to see if the integrity of the first device (design, features, mostly vanilla Android) will survive as well.