The upcoming Moto X smartphone from Motorola and Google won’t be a Verizon DROID-branded product, according to The Verge. The American smartphone-maker is instead reportedly planning a new series of DROID Ultra devices that appear to be headed for Verizon, so this definitely isn’t the end of the DROID moniker. The news isn’t particularly surprising, since recent point to a Moto X launch on Sprint, and the “customization” marketing suggests it will be available on multiple carriers.

Motorola’s new flagship smartphone will break from Verizon’s aggressive DROID advertising campaigns. Instead, a series of full-page newspaper ads sporting Motorola’s new logo and the promise of “the first smartphone you can design yourself”  will hit print publications tomorrow, heralding a new era for the OEM.

The Moto X was officially confirmed at the AllThingsD D11 conference back in May, where Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside announced that the company, which was acquired by Google back in 2011, would finally release its first smartphone designed with direct help from the Android team. The Moto X will be manufactured in a U.S. factory based in Fort Worth, Texas. We expect more news from Motorola on the upcoming handset in the next few weeks.