Motorola has quietly launched one of its best discounts yet, especially if you’re currently in the market for two new smartphones. Why not hang on to a backup, right? The company is offering a free Moto E with every Moto X Pure Edition sold through Moto Maker this month.

Specifically, you’ll get a $119 3G Moto E at no extra charge when you spend $499 on a new Moto X. Of course, you’ll also be able to customize the flagship phone to your heart’s content, picking from different colors, materials, storage options and even a personalized engraving. The deal lasts until March 24, so you’ve still got a full week to make up your mind before making the purchase.

The Moto X and Moto E are both great devices, though they obviously serve different purposes. Motorola’s flagship phone offers high-end specs and a hefty 5.2-inch display, making it a great daily driver for pretty much anyone with big enough hands to hold it. Meanwhile, the Moto E is more of a backup or starter phone, especially when it’s limited to 3G service. It could be great for a child or anyone who doesn’t really care about specs or frills and just wants something that works.

There’s no better time to pick up a new Moto X, especially when you get a backup phone – always good for a rainy day – tossed into the deal.