Motorola’s Moto X is a terrific device. Yes, it’s edging on the older side, and yes, it doesn’t come equipped with the latest specs. But I’d wager it adequately meets the needs of 90-percent of consumers. Not only does it have some of the smartest software tweaks, but Motorola’s Moto Maker feature really helps to set it apart. (How the Moto X will change under the guidance of Lenovo remains to be seen.)

Bearing these facts in mind, we didn’t hesitate to jump on Motorola’s recent one-hour fire sale. We went with the Teak wood back, which, as you can see, looks amazing. Maybe even better than some of the color options you can choose with Moto Maker. The device looks more premium than some of even the most expensive, spec-heavy flagships.

If you can look past the Moto X’s perceived spec shortcomings, it’s still one of the best handsets you can buy, especially considering it’s pretty darn cheap for an off-contract device. There are a lot of great devices just beyond the horizon with Mobile World Congress next month, however, so keep that in mind when considering a Moto X purchase. If you do decide to go with Motorola, you can get the Moto X for $70 off through Valentine’s Day, which is an absolute terrific deal.

Moto X Teak Finish Gallery