A secret Google-Motorola gathering attended by company execs, insiders and select members of the press on July 11 had everything you’d expect, namely lots of Google Glass (meaning what happened at the event wasn’t actually so secret) and the first sighting of Moto X in the wild. The upcoming Android smartphone was caught on camera by tech journalist Robert Scoble in the hands of Motorola Mobility SVP of Product Managment Rick Osterloh.

There’s no confirmation that the device used by Osterloh to snap a photo of singer Daria Musk performing for the small crowd was the rumored handset, but it definitely bears a strong resemblance to the leaked photo of an allegedly assembled Moto X we saw just yesterday. It’s got the same curved back, and the fact that it’s in the hands of a Motorola exec only strengthens the case.

Motorola previously denied that the rumored event had anything to do with the Moto X, but based on this video we know that the smartphone was at least in attendance, even if it wasn’t the focus of the day. Based on a leaked product map, the handset is slated to land on Verizon starting Aug. 23.