Motorola’s upcoming Moto X device will come with an all new camera interface that differs from Google’s stock option. Screenshots obtained by Android Police reveal a reworked experience, one that’s designed to support the Moto X’s new flick gesture, among other new features. We already heard Motorola’s new handset would be near-stock, but it looks like this is one area where the device will be different.

In Android Police’s gallery, the screen grabs show off an interface heavily reliant on swipes and gestures, with a pinwheel layout where users can access settings such as flash, HDR and a new slow motion mode. The control wheel itself can be swiped in from the left, as the screenshots demonstrate, and you can quickly access the gallery by swiping in from the right.

It certainly looks intuitive enough, though it’s hard to say without actually using Motorola’s newly designed interface. There’s still some conjecture over what kind of camera the Moto X will have; reports suggest Motorola has been working on a new “Clear Pixel” option with a 10-megapixel sensor. There are no samples of said camera just yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear all about it once the Moto X is finally unveiled—Google is holding an event on Aug. 1.