Motorola won’t start selling the Moto X Pure Edition until sometime next month. The company still hasn’t offered a full list of Moto Maker options for the flagship phone, but a new leak may reveal all the ways you can customize the upcoming device.

It looks like the Moto X Pure Edition will come in a ton of different variants. For the back panel you can pick between four different leather options (natural, cognac, black and red), four different natural options (bamboo, walnut, ebony and charcoal ash) and 10 other patterns.

Beyond that there are seven different metal accents to choose from (silver, dark gray, champagne, red, pink, green and blue) along with three different options for the metal frame (silver, black or gold). Finally, you can choose black or white from the front bezels.

The Moto X Pure Edition will start at $399 off-contract and unlocked. Motorola hasn’t revealed how much extra you’ll have to pay for some of the fancier materials, but we have a feeling those wood and leather panels won’t come free (they haven’t in the past.)

We can’t wait to get our hands on a final version of the Moto X Pure Edition. But in the meantime there’s always the Moto G. You can order one now via Moto Maker, though it doesn’t offer quite as many options to choose from.