When Motorola unveiled the Moto X Pure Edition on Tuesday, it didn’t just say the device would offer a competitive camera, the company said it would have the best camera. Better than Apple’s iPhone 6, Samsung’s Galaxy S6, and even LG’s G4. That’s big talk from a company that acknowledged its camera quality hasn’t exactly been up to par.

While Motorola showed a few sample images on stage, they looked suspiciously doctored, likely taken in the kind of favorable conditions that would make any mobile camera look good. To really get an idea of the camera’s quality, it handed the device over to DPReview, which tested the device in a number of different conditions, including bright sunlight, indoors, low light and more.

DPReview also tested out some of the phone’s special shooting modes: Night mode, Panorama and HDR. The early results look promising, though it’s still difficult to tell if this really is the best camera out there. The 100-percent crops seem to show a lack of detail, and low light examples appear particularly muddy.

However, the site notes that it likes what it sees so far.

“Image detail in bright light is impressive, and in lower light a well-balanced approach to noise reduction means that a lot of details [are] preserved while noise isn’t getting too intrusive until the very highest sensitivity levels.”

Take that for what it’s worth. The device doesn’t launch until September, which means Motorola could introduce software updates to make the quality even better. That seems to be the status quo among several manufacturers; introduce a device, and then roll out software updates that later improve camera quality. Hopefully the Moto X Pure Edition will be “best in class” right out of the gate.

Note: We have resized and optimized the images slightly. If you want to see the full resolution examples, head to the source link below.