Motorola is heading to China next month, and today the company offered even more details on its upcoming Chinese lineup. That includes the Moto X Pro, which appears to be a Nexus 6 with some Motorola software on top.

The Moto X Pro packs a 5.96-inch Quad HD display, a 3220mAh battery with built-in Qi wireless charging, a Snapdragon 805 processor, a 13-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 3GB of RAM and 32/64GB of storage. It runs a near-stock version of Android 5.0, though we assume that’s without the Google services that are still banned in China.

Motorola also plans to offer China a first crack at the Moto G (2014) with LTE, along with the 2014 Moto X with wood and leather options through Moto Maker. Wearable devices like the Moto 360 and Moto Hint are also headed to the Chinese market, though possibly not quite as soon as the company’s latest smartphones.

The Moto G, Moto X and Moto X Pro should all be available in China in time for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) on Feb. 19. There’s no word on whether Motorola plans to offer the Moto X Pro here in the U.S. anytime soon, though we’re guessing it’s not allowed to compete directly with the Nexus 6 in markets where the Google-branded handset is sold.