In a little under a month, the Rogers variant of the Moto X has seen a price drop of $40, indicating there's either been tepid interest or a rethought strategy as IFA looms. In the midst of a rumored price drop here in the U.S., the cost for Rogers customers has gone down by $20 each week. Currently, the Moto X is being offered for $149, down from a starting price of $189 when the device first launched.

There's been no official word from Motorola about how the Moto X is performing, so we're left to draw our own conclusions given the evidence of price drops. This in no way reduces what a quality device the Moto X is, but it could be a quiet admission that the device started off a little on the expensive side, especially when compared to other flagship devices on the market.

It's unclear if Rogers will lower the price even more next week, but if you've been thinking of picking a Moto X up in the near future, it wouldn't be a bad idea to hold off for a little while. With all this price drop talk, you gotta wonder how cheap the budget Moto X will be when that officially hits.