Motorola's Moto X will be a prominent staple at this year's Made Fashion Week in New York, making it the second year running a product under Google has been featured on the runway. According to Ad Age, fashionistas will play up the device's colorful palette, an aspect that has become a huge selling point for the "Assembled in America" device. More than just one of the best Android handsets you can get, the Moto X is also a pretty neat accessory you can match to your personality.

In addition to potential marketing at the event itself, and even possible Moto X kiosks, models will apparently carry Motorola's customizable device down the runaway. Motorola is allegedly sponsoring four different designers, but it's unclear if each one will utilize the Android device. Just this month, Google Glass was featured in a huge Vogue spread, so the company's lineup of devices is no stranger to the fashion world.

Featuring the Moto X during a fashion show might not necessarily persuade stuffy models to pick the device up, but folks in the audience, or even people peering through computers at home, might think twice about picking one up. Motorola is clearly attempting to capitalize on the device's custom rear shells, which customers can choose through Moto Maker online.

With Apple set to introduce a fresh coat of paint to its iPhone line, and some pretty excellent Samsung devices already on the market—or on the way—the Moto X will have some pretty stiff competition to go up against. Of course, with a rumored price drop on the way, and more consumer mind share on fashion runways, the Moto X will be hard to resist.