Moto X - Box

Wow – the lucky family members and friends of Motorola Mobility employees are getting early access to the Moto X, according to AllThingsD. And it's more than just being able to see the phone at the dinner table: apparently friends and family are being treated to an online discount providing that they use the MotoMaker online customization tool. Since that tool is going to be available to AT&T customers at launch, we imagine that it means those pals need to be AT&T subscribers (or at least willing to sign up for an account).

Additionally, AllThingsD said that Motorola Mobility is just kicking off $200 off of the price of a phone. We're speculating that it still requires a contract, however, and anyone who wants the 32GB option might still have to drop down the additional $49 – though that cost might be covered if you're willing to do an interview for $50 more. "The goal is to do some real-world, end-to-end testing of the Moto Maker configurator to make sure it's rock solid for launch," Motorola explained to AllThingsD, noting that it wants to make sure the system is fully functional at launch time.

Motorola's "MotoMaker" tool lets customers choose between 16 different colors and 7 different accents when designing their Moto X. The device is then assembled in Fort Worth, Texas and, when the phone launches, Motorola is promising it will arrive in four days.