The Moto X will launch in 16 different colors with 7 different accent options. The catch? AT&T has the exclusive on the customizations at launch – you’ll be able to go in-store or to Motorola’s web portal, called MotoMaker, to customize the device to your taste.

You’ll be able to change the color of the back plate, change the accents of the volume controls or power button, set a custom boot message, etch your name or anything else into the back of the device, set your wallpaper online and even log-in to your Google account so that you can be up and running out of the box. Motorola will also sell customizable headphones online, so you can match your device, in addition to either a white or black charger.

You can also choose the storage online: 16GB will cost you $199 with a new two-year contract, and 32GB costs $249. MotoMaker will be available for other carriers later on, but again, AT&T has the first dibs. Additionally, Motorola will also offer wooden back panels, though those will not be available at launch and it’s looking like they might hit in Q4.

Motorola will assemble the custom phones in Texas and says it should take just about 4 days to arrive at your house. The experience is super simple to use, check out our video above for more information.