Motorola is making it easier for those who wish to switch from the iPhone to the new Moto X by allowing a swift and easy transfer of iCloud information.

VP of Product Management at Motorola Mobility, Punit Soni, announced a new web tool that will migrate contact and calendar information over to the Moto X through Google. That should mean that your device will come loaded up with most of your iPhone content, save for iOS-only apps of course, right when you get it out of the box.

On top of this new service, Soni also states that, “There is a long way to go, but its a start…” suggesting that Motorola could possibly have more tricks up its sleeve to lure Apple fans into buying Motorola’s highly customizable $199.99 smartphone.

It might not make a dent in the iPhone sales, but the tool is certainly going to come in handy for anyone who can’t get their information out of the Apple space. More information on the new web tool can be found at Motorola’s official webpage.