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The Moto X launch event is just one week away, and we’ve got a fresh batch of rumors on the handset from a pretty trusted source for you. When it comes to Motorola’s upcoming flagship smartphone, Android and Me founder Taylor Wimberly has yet to steer us wrong, and today he’s got a few more details on the device.


First off, Wimberly reports the Moto X design will include Moto Magic Glass. Basically, a it’s a thin sheet of Gorilla Glass that covers the entire front of the device and wrap around its edges, creating a totally seamless surface with no gaps to be seen anywhere. The Android expert also claims that the handset will come equipped with Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas to give users the best LTE speeds and reception possible. The Moto X will allegedly contain five antennas total, with two dedicated exclusively to 4G LTE connectivity.


Wimberly had one more treat for us today after doing a bit of research on the rumored Google smartwatch. Apparently the search giant was working with Motorola on a Moto xWatch that would launch alongside the Moto X. The two Moto X devices “definitely integrate in some interesting ways for device authentication,” Wimberly explained. However, it’s unclear if the smartwatch fell by the wayside, or if Motorola and Google have somehow been able to keep the device a secret up until a week before its launch. 

We don’t expect to see any wearable tech at the Moto X event on Aug. 1, but we’ll be there covering the new smartphone either way so stay tuned just in case Motorola’s got one more trick up its sleeve.