We’ve already talked about why the Moto X is a different kind of flagship, and what makes the device exciting in its own way. But having used it now for more than a few days, we’ve been able to form better impressions on the experience as a whole. And as expected, we’re more than pleased with Motorola’s design it yourself approach. This isn’t a Galaxy S4 or HTC One, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy.

The first thing we noticed with the Moto X was how nice it feels, the heft, the size, the rounded edges. Motorola has always nailed (for the most part) its smartphone designs, but this one is easily the best; it feels premium and strong. It’s infinitely better than anything Samsung has done, though it doesn’t quite reach the teetering heights of HTC’s One.

There’s a lot to like so far, and we’re truly enjoying the Moto X experience. The added Active Display, Touchless Control and Quick Capture so far have made using the device so, so simple, and we’re happy with the near-stock Android experience. Many people are hung up on the Moto X’s price—and that’s understandable—but the device has thus far done nothing but impress, and that’s always worth something in a mobile landscape that’s become so largely derivative of every device that’s come before.