When the Moto X launches through five U.S. carriers later this year, there will be a much quieter arrival tech enthusiasts might want to watch out for. According to Motorola, the company’s new customizable handset will come in a Google Play edition directly from Google, and it’ll receive updates faster than models purchased from any of the carriers. There’s a clear and distinct line being drawn in the sand: no preferential treatment for Motorola, it seems.

Of course, when the device does launch on Google’s store, buyers will have two other competing handsets to choose from: Galaxy S4 and HTC One, which were just recently made available. The Moto X has already been manufactured under the watchful eye of Google, but launching through carriers means the device will come preloaded with carrier bloatware— a Google Play edition will have Android as Google intended it.

Unfortunately, neither Google nor Motorola has revealed when the device will be available, or for how much. Both are sticking to the usual “soon” timeframe; it’s likely the device will follow shortly after it hits carriers late August or early September. For the right price, it could be a nice unlocked option, especially considering it’ll receive updates before other Moto X handsets.