Motorola’s Fort Worth, Texas assembly plant has been churning out devices at a pretty fast clip. Following the device’s release last month, to much media fanfare, the handset has been flying off assembly lines and meeting shipment targets. When you offer a customized model, it was always going to be difficult to ship devices in the millions. As it stands, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is pleased with production.

In a new blog post on Wednesday, Motorola highlights its Fort Worth plant and even unveils a Google Street View look into what conditions are like for employees putting the Moto X together. The tour itself from a Street View camera’s perspective isn’t all that comprehensive, though it provides a neat behind the scenes look at what these facilities look like. Motorola is very proud that the device is assembled here in the U.S., and it’s cool to see where everything takes place.

“Producing Moto X locally helps bring innovation back home, which is essential to the economic health of the U.S.,” Woodside said.

I ordered a custom device myself and got it in less than a week, so production certainly seems to be smooth from a customer perspective. In tech circles, we often view factories as far off places filled with workers in horrid conditions; we’re removed from the reality of handset production. This puts us right in the thick of it, and shows Motorola’s efforts to assemble phones in the U.S. seems to be paying off.

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