Moto X Wood Back - VS - Green Black-Camera

Feb. 14 was supposed to be the last day you could buy a no-contract Moto X for $70 off. But Motorola on Friday announced the deal is actually being extended by a week, giving customers until next Saturday, Feb. 22, to take advantage of the promotion—with Moto Maker and everything. For $329, you’ll be able to snag the 16GB Moto X with the discount applied. Not too shabby, though it’s pretty close in price to the Nexus 5, which is a more powerful handset.

While Lenovo has reiterated its commitment to Motorola, the future of the company is still unclear. Dennis Woodside, who helped lead Motorola back into relevance in 2013, left his position with the company just this week, leading many to wonder if there are wholesale changes in store for 2014. In any case, you can get the Moto X for $70 with no contract until Feb. 22.

The Moto X certainly isn’t the most powerful handset out there, nor does it offer the biggest screen or best camera. But it does offer smart additions to the Android experience, and the design is still one of the best out there, Moto Maker or not. It might no longer possess that special magic that made it our favorite smartphone of 2013, but it’s still a solid contender in the mobile landscape. Put it this way: if you purchased the device right now with a $70 discount, there’d be no reason to have buyer’s remorse, even with Mobile World Congress looming.