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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside on Wednesday confirmed the company will release the Moto X by October, and that the device will be manufactured right here in the U.S. Speaking at D11, Woodside hyped the device up as almost having mind-reading capabilities, much like Google Now's predictive intelligence, and will know when you want to snap a picture, or when you're in a car. The device will then act accordingly.

The Moto X has been one of the more talked about handsets this year, and that was before anything was even confirmed. Motorola has been unusually quiet since tag-teaming with Google last year, but that doesn't mean the company has been sitting on a tropical beach. When manufacturing does begin, everything will take place in a 480,000-square-foot facility in Texas. Some components will come from abroad, but Woodside says the X will be the first smartphone built right here in the U.S.

According to Woodside, Motorola is aligning the device to go head-to-head with the iPhones and Galaxy Ss on the market (Is it safe to add the HTC One?), just as other rumors suggested. An area Motorola is trying to differentiate, however, is the disparity between high-quality and low-cost. One shouldn't be sacrificed for the other—how that will play out remains to be seen.

Of course, Woodside had the device with him at the D11 conference, but refused to show it off. Such a tease. Google's head of Android, Sundar Pichai, has allegedly seen the device, too, but Woodside insists Motorola is treated like any other company.