Moto X - Camera - App

Motorola rolled out an update for its Moto X camera today, but instead of tediously going through individual carriers like we've come to expect for this kind of upgrade, the company opted for a Google Play app that's easily accessible to all users at once. The app, called Motorola Camera, is available now and free to install.

According to its description on Google Play, the updated camera adds a brighter viewfinder, opens up the Quick Capture feature for enterprise users and fixes some bugs. In our review of the Moto X we noted that the device's camera doesn't measure up to competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple, especially in lowlight. This update probably won't correct that too drastically, but any improvements will be a welcome change for Moto X owners.

The big change, however, is the decision to bring the new camera straight to consumers instead of letting each carrier vet the update separately. Google helped pave the way for this kind of update, releasing its own services through the Play Store in an effort to maintain control over the timing of incremental improvements, and now Motorola is making use of the same strategy.