Motorola rolled out another update for the Moto X camera today, adding a few new features while fixing bugs in the app. Version introduces manual controls for focus and exposure, the ability to lock exposure while in panorama mode, and additional language support.

The biggest changes here are the new manual controls, which may take a bit of time to get used to but look pretty handy. To start, swipe from the left while the camera is open to bring up the app’s spinning wheel settings menu. Tap on the button showing a hand pointing with the finger surrounded by a box. Now you can drag that little box around your screen, and wherever you leave it the focus and exposure will set automatically.

Like with its last camera update, Motorola is rolling this one out through Google Play, so you should have immediate access to it no matter which carrier you’re tied to. Your phones’s camera software should update automatically, but if you’re in a rush you can head over the the Play Store via the source link below to start immediately.