Motorola was forced to push back Moto X and Moto G orders this week after Winter Storm Dion coated parts of north Texas —where the devices are assembled and shipped out at a facility in Fort Worth—in ice this weekend, creating unsafe conditions. As a result, Motorola smartphone shipments won’t arrive for as much as two weeks after your order.

If you’re ordering a Moto G or an un-customized Moto X your device is likely delayed and sitting in a warehouse in Texas. Meanwhile, Moto X orders through the Moto Maker customization site are showing 13 day shipping times, significantly up from what we’re used to, since Motorola usually says the device will arrive in about four days.

In a statement to PhoneArena, the company confirmed delays but couldn’t specify how long they might last:

Unfortunately a winter storm is causing hazardous conditions in Fort Worth, where our factory is located. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, as well as providing the highest level of service to our customers. We are taking steps to make up any lost time, but we anticipate some delays.

Hopefully, Motorola will be able to get its Texas facility up and running in time to fill its Christmas orders, though apparently the situation in north Texas hasn’t gotten much better with icy roads shutting down much of the region. Hopefully the company will have more news soon, but it’s possible not all orders will be filled in time.