Motorola revealed a new ad campaign for the Moto X today that includes three new commercials which highlight the handset’s unique features and target so-called “lazy phones.” Each commercial shows an actor playing the part of an infuriating smartphone and highlights a different Moto X feature: Touchless Control, Active Display and Quick Capture.

The new commercials don’t call out any smartphone in particular as the “Lazy Phone.” It could be pretty much any other handset out there today that employs either a passcode or a horizontal swipe. Touchless Control lets you view alerts without unlocking the phone, for example.

If Motorola’s new ad campaign has you convinced, you can currently pick up a Moto X from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular. However, if you want to customize the handset’s design using the Moto Maker website you’ll have to sign up with AT&T if you haven’t already. We’ve embedded the three clips below.