Motorola already confirmed plans to launch a Moto X (2015) later this year, but now we’re getting a first look at the alleged device. Total Tech claims to have gotten its hands on some photos of the third generation Moto X, along with a list of specs for the flagship phone.

It turns out Motorola may actually offer two different versions of the Moto X (2015). The phone will reportedly launch in 5.7-inch and 5.2-inch variants. Both will apparently feature a Quad HD display, a Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM and stereo speakers. The new device may also be one the first new smartphones with a reversible USB-C port.

The Moto X (2015) will allegedly be available in wood, leather and plastic, along with a mysterious new material. Maybe metal? The model pictured above features a wood design, though it’s been blurred so the leaker can’t be identified. Motorola apparently stuck with the same metal frame around the edges, along with an extended camera module that incorporates the phone’s now-classic rear dimple.

We probably still have a few months before Motorola makes the Moto X (2015) official. Last year’s model was announced in early September, so we’re guessing that’s when the new flagship phone will be unveiled as well.

Total Tech’s videos include some rough language, but if that doesn’t phase you, check them out below for yourself.