It seems we can’t go more than a day without a new Moto X leak. The device surfaced on Tuesday with what looked like a fingerprint scanner in back, but a fresh set of photos of the device tells a different story.

According to Hellomotohk, the Moto X won’t sport a fingerprint reader at all. It turns out yesterday’s leak may have actually been an older engineering model, suggesting Motorola considered adding the feature but decided against it. This new image of the device’s uncovered back also seems to confirm an earlier leak of the finished smartphone that surfaced last week.

The same report also reveals an entirely new smartphone with what looks like Qi wireless charging built into the back. Hellomotohk suggests we could be looking at a new Nexus device, though this is the first we’re hearing that Motorola might be working with Google on a new stock Android device this year. Finally, the post adds that a new DROID Mini could be on the way later this year from the company as well.

There’s a lot to process here, though we already had a feeling Motorola was prepping several new smartphones for later this year. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the company starts rolling out some of these devices.