Motorola makes two of the best Android phones out there (not the best, but close), combining great software with top-notch hardware. The Moto X, once criticized for being underpowered, is now a spec beast, while the Moto G can give even some of the high-end flagships on the market a run for their money. One area both devices have improved greatly is in the camera, as you can see here. But how do they stack up against each other? We took some pictures to find out.

If you want to check out our reviews of the Moto X and Moto G, you can do so at the links down below. But here we're taking a quick look at what the camera quality each device has to offer. Compared to last year, the Moto X's 13-megapixel sensor is like night and day; pictures are less grainy and they actually possess a bit of life. In other words, if the camera was what held you back from purchasing the device last year, you shouldn't have any worries with Motorola's second-generation device.

The same applies to the Moto G, which sports an 8-megapixel sensor. (Seriously, an 8-megapixel camera in a device that's just $179 is absurdly awesome.) The Moto G's camera quality isn't quite as good as the Moto X, but it's no slouch, especially for the price.

If you're on the fence between these two devices, I'd go with the Moto X, just because it offers a lot more in terms of hardware and software, and want to see how the cameras stack up, check out the gallery below. We've labeled the pictures clearly to show which device took what pictures. This isn't a super comprehensive dive into each device's camera, you can learn more by checking out the reviews, but a quick glimpse at some shots one might take during a normal day's use.

If it helps sway your decision of what device to get, then all the better. We'll have many more camera comparisons down the road, so stay tuned for those.