Now you can add protection and style to your Moto Z without having unnecessary bulk as well. Motorola has introduced four new Moto Style Shells that feature Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5, a material often used on a mobile device’s display.

Motorola’s initial designs are Retro Stripe, Overlapping Triangles, Graphic Flowers, Expressive Curves, and Colored Leaves.

As a whole, Moto Style Shells have been around since 2016. The materials were limited to nylon and wood, however. With Motorola preparing to release its 2018 flagship in the coming months, it likely wanted to get out ahead and introduce new Moto Style Shells to prove that Moto Mods are here to stay.

Getting this Moto Mod or any other onto your phone isn’t difficult. Motorola’s system utilizes magnets between a Moto Z, regardless of it being a 2016 or 2017 release, and a Moto Mod to maintain a strong connection.

Pricing for Moto Style Shells starts at $20, but these new Gorilla Glass-based units are $30 each. So there’s a small premium to pay for getting Corning’s industry-leading material on the back of your phone.