Motorola's terrific Moto Maker project, which lets potential buyers pick and choose rear, front and accent colors of the Moto X, will allegedly be available for Verizon customers starting Nov. 11. The report comes straight from serial leaker @evleaks, who is typically reliable with such musings. Currently, customers who don't have access to Moto Maker—it's been an AT&T exclusive thus far—can only choose between black and white, which takes a lot of the fun out of the Moto X experience.

When Moto Maker first launched, many were dismayed it was only available to a certain number of customers. However, Motorola said the option would eventually spread to other carriers, and it seems the company is following through on that promise; Verizon has yet to comment on the rumor, though there's still over a month to go until the option (supposedly) launches on nation's largest carrier. Better late than never. We'll update once we know more.