It’s been three long months since Motorola launched the Moto X, and it looks like AT&T may finally lose its exclusivity on the Moto Maker this week. According to @evleaks, the smartphone-customizing website will open up to T-Mobile as soon as Friday.

If @evleaks is right—and he usually is—we expect T-Mobile to make an announcement sometime this week. There’s still no word on when Verizon and Sprint customers will have access to Moto Maker, but with AT&T’s exclusive finally broken it probably won’t be long before the feature opens up to all.

The Moto Maker lets you customize the outside of your Moto X before you buy it, choosing the front and back panel colors as well as an accent color, a personalized text engraving on the back, and a specialized welcome screen. Motorola even offers the option to choose to make your phone’s back panel out of real wood, though this feature still isn’t available and will allegedly cost $50 extra.