Moto X Wood Back - VS - Green Black-Volume Buttons

One of the best parts of Motorola’s Moto X, Moto Maker, will make its way to Europe in the coming months. At Mobile World Congress this week, Motorola’s Rick Osterloh said the customization service will travel overseas during the second quarter, and also said it will be available in Mexico. No exact date was revealed for either region. The service has thus far been an exclusive in the U.S.

Moto Maker really is among the biggest and most thoughtful mobile services we’ve seen in years, giving buyers the option to choose from a variety of colors (including wood panels) for the back plate and phone accents. The customization option comes at no additional cost, too, unless you purchase a wood back, which is only an extra $25. Even though the Moto X is on the older side, it’s still arguably one of the best handsets money can buy, and you can get it for fairly cheap off-contract.

With Lenovo now taking charge of Motorola operations, perhaps those big new resources are responsible for making Moto Maker in different regions a reality. It’s still unclear how Motorola will change under the guidance of Lenovo, but the availability of Moto Maker to more customers certainly isn’t bad. Hopefully we’ll find out an exact date soon.