moto x moto maker verizon

It looks like AT&T's stranglehold on the Moto Maker service is coming to an end. Over the past week we've heard reports that the Moto X customizer will soon be available for both Sprint and T-Mobile, and now @evleaks is back with a set of images suggesting that Verizon users will soon be able to customize their new Motorola handsets as well.

In two new tweets, @evleaks shows a lineup of colorful Moto X units with Verizon's branding clearly displayed, while a second photo shows an updated Moto Maker page open to the four major U.S. carriers. There's still no word on when Motorola will break the news, but previous rumors predicted the customization tool would open up to new carriers today for T-Mobile—which is looking unlikely at this point—and next week on Nov. 11 for Sprint.

Moto Maker offers the highest level of customization we've ever seen from a flagship smartphone, and although there's still a lot you can't control—especially when it comes to specs—you'll still be able to design a unique device all of your own. Motorola lets customers choose from a large variety of colors for the back panel and for accents on the buttons and around the camera lens. There's also the choice between black or white for the front panel, the option to add a text engraving on the back, and even a personalized welcome message that displays when the phone turns on.