The Moto G7 is going to be Motorola’s next great affordable smartphone and we have our first look thanks to leaked renders.

Motorola made some noise with the Moto G6 last year, a fantastic mid-tier smartphone that boasted impressive specs and a price of just $200. 

New leaked renders from Ishan Agarwal are giving us our first look at the stunning new mid-tier device from Motorola, and it’s living up to expectations. According to the leaked images, Motorola is prepping to release four different models of the G7: the G7, G7 Plus, G7 Play and G7 Power.

The available models will likely be released around the world. The U.S. most likely won’t see the G7 Power edition while the Moto Play versions are common here.

Each model comes with a notch and dual-camera system but they differ somewhat. The standard G7 and the G7 Plus come with a smaller tear drop notch and horizontal dual-camera system. The G7 Play and G7 Power come with a bigger notch, similar to Motorola One, and a vertical dual-camera system. It’ not clear how the camera systems will be different but we imagine the standard and Plus models will have better sensors.

The notch on G7 Play does appear to be bigger notch than the one on the G7 Power. From the looks of the renders, it also has a front-facing dual-camera system.

The higher end G7 and G7 Plus will also come with an all-glass design while the G7 Play and G7 Power will offer plastic backs. We also got prices on the latter two which come out to €149 ($169) and €209 ($237), respectively. We didn’t get prices for the higher end models.