Motorola recently asked us to save the date of Nov. 13 for news in regards to its Moto G smartphone. We thought the event might be held in the U.S., possibly in New York City where the Moto X event was held. It's actually being held very far from here, in São Paulo, Brazil. That tells us at least one thing: that the rumors of a low-cost device, possibly set to launch in emerging markets, are likely true.

Motorola revealed the news Tuesday on its Google+ page, where it will also host a live stream of the event starting at 9 a.m. EST. We'll be covering all of the day's news as it happens, but it's open to the public just in case you want to watch along.

Right now we're expecting a lower-end version of the Moto X, possibly with replaceable rear back covers, mid-range hardware specs and less storage options than what the Moto X offers. Though, as we learned with that phone, high-end specs aren't always everything.  Stay tuned!