Moto G, Rear, Wide

One of the phones we might see unveiled at Motorola’s upcoming May 13 event could be the Moto G Cinema, which has unceremoniously appeared on the company’s website. Any sign of the device is no longer there, of course. But like the Moto X+1 that keeps appearing, this little teaser could give us an idea of what to expect next week. So what the heck is the Moto G Cinema? No clue.

It’s unclear if Cinema will be a device or some kind of big new feature. The Cinema name makes me think of video capture, so perhaps we’ll see a Moto G with an improved camera. That’s pushing it, however, especially since the event is expected to focus on a device “priced for all.” Motorola could, however, announce multiple devices, in which case the Cinema will be aimed at the more photo-conscious crowd. What about the Moto X+1? When will we see that?

Rumors surrounding Motorola’s next move have been circulating ever since the company was picked up by Lenovo, so next week’s event will be of particular interest. Of course, once something official actually breaks, we’ll be sure to bring it to you as quickly as possible. Wonder what the Moto G Cinema could be?

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