We’re expecting Motorola to introduce the new Moto G (2015) and Moto X (2015) during a press event in New York City next week, where we hope to see the phones for the very first time in person. We don’t need to wait that long for an up-close look, however, as several hands-on photos with the all new Moto G (2015) were recently published.

LaptopMedia somehow managed to get its hands on the device a bit early. Take note: what we’re looking at might not be as exciting as what we’ll see next week, especially since it appears that Motorola is going to spice things up with additional colors and customization options with Moto Maker. Instead, we see a really plain looking black version of the Moto G (2015), and it looks almost exactly like what we’ve already seen in leaked press photos.

We’re still expecting to learn a lot next week when Motorola makes this phone official. Rumors have suggested it’s water resistant, and the price is going to be a really key factor, particularly with phones such as the OnePlus 2 also gearing up to woo the unlocked market.